Risk Management & Due DiligenceHotel and Motel Risk Management Inspections are conducted for your on going insurance representation and for new properties. We provide a review of the property, pictures and a check list of the inspection items that we check on every property. In addition to the standard review we will check:

   Fire Pumps
   Inspection Records
   Pre-Fire & Evacuation Plans
   Emergency Generators

Each report is accompanied by written commentary of the site and buildings.


Before buying that building, let Western FLS Consulting Inc. review the site and verify that it will, in deed, match Risk Management & Due Diligenceyour requirements for storage and use. All of the fire sprinkler and life safety components will be reviewed. A search of the city records will be made to insure that there are no surprise revisions or upgrades that have been required by the city or fire departments, but not made.

If you are only looking at vacant land for your building, Western FLS Consulting Inc will verify the water availability for your fire sprinkler design and access for the fire department.

Vacant land, existing building or tear-down and rebuild? Western FLS Consulting Inc will provide the services that you need for verification that the proposed property will comply with your intended use.

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