Hi-Pile StorageThe High Pile Storage Requirements have been the most changed codes in the last few years. New fire sprinklers, fire modeling, burn tests and more definitive fire codes have conspired to keep even the fire protection professionals struggling to understand the code changes and the equipment available in an ever changing market place.

While working with the latest codes, Western FLS Consulting Inc keeps abreast of the new sprinklers developed for the challenges of High Pile Storage.

Western FLS Consulting works with your Architect, Civil and Structural Engineers to design a preliminary overhead and underground fire protection design capable of satisfying your Brokers and Tenants. We will provide a fire sprinkler system (s) layout that will allow for the most flexible use for your future tenants. At the same time the plans and specifications that we develop can be used to bid the project assuring that you receive the most competitive quotations without the usual exclusions and omissions.

Western FLS Consulting will take the burden of the Fire Protection and Fire Code Compliance off of your shoulders. Let us know your specific tenant requirements or limits of the spec building and we will do the rest. We will develop the bid set of plans and the fire protection specifications. We will coordinate with the local Fire Agency and perform any needed flow tests. In many instances the structural roof needs to be ordered far enough in advance to delay the project if the fire protection design waits for the general bidding process. We will develop the plans and specifications, coordinate a bidders list and pre-bid the fire sprinklers, allowing the final design to proceed prior the general bid.

Western FLS Consulting will take the guess work and worry out of moving into a new facility. We will classify your commodities, design the smoke venting and draft stops and locate your fire hose stations. We will review the fire department access and required doors. We will review area separations and the allowable areas for your storage and office areas. We will review the code and apply any exceptions that apply to either your building, fire sprinkler system or commodity. We will negotiate for you with the Fire and Building Departments.

Western FLS Consulting Inc. will help you to obtain the most cost-effective design while still following the criteria of Building and Fire Codes. You will not have overpaid for a building that is compliant and safe.

Western FLS Consulting Inc works to have the Fire and Building Codes work for you not against you.

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