From Rack Storage of Flammable Liquids to Circuit Board Manufacturers, Western FLS Consulting Inc. can solve your Chemical and Hazardous Materials problems. We can.........

   Classify your Chemicals and Hazardous Materials
   Modify or Design your storage and use to exempt or minimize your exposure to H-Occupancies
   Design any required: bullet Smoke Venting
   Explosion Venting
   Containment (Primary and Secondary)
   Draft Curtains
   Fire Hose Station
   Curbing and Grating
   Special Electrical Specifications
   Design the Fire Sprinkler Demand and Prepare the Preliminary Fire Sprinkler Design.
   Coordinate with your Architect, Designer, Rack and Fire Protection Contractor.

All of this is produced on AutoCAD. This will allow electronic delivery of plans anywhere in the Country in just minutes.

All that you need to do is supply us with the inventory of hazardous materials (storage and use), the appropriate MSDS Sheets and a plan showing the areas of you facility that the chemicals are used and stored. We will coordinate with the local Fire Department, Building Department, your Architect or designer, your Racking Contractor and your Fire Protection Contractor. We will classify your chemicals, classify their commodity, summarize the individual hazard amounts and verify the amounts against the exempt amounts allowed in the fire and building codes.

Even if you are over the exempt amounts, we can in many cases avoid the need of Hazardous Occupancies (H-Rooms) with the use of Approved Cabinets, Additional Control Areas or negotiating with the approving authority. Western FLS Consulting Inc. works to have the Fire and Building Codes work for you not against you.

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